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    Leadership advice from Jill Geisler

    “Being approachable pays dividends. Your demeanor is contagious – if you’re welcoming, you set the tone for your team.” Read more.

    “Newsroom leaders, especially if you’re white (and that’s long been the majority), please help your team members through the emotions they’re feeling right now.” Read more.

    “In the idea factory of a newsroom, there’s always give-and-take about what’s interesting, what’s innovative, what’s worth extra time and effort. Managers of various teams, desks, or projects may not always agree.” Read more.

    “If experience is a great teacher, then our annus horribilis was a graduate course in leading through change and challenge.”  Read more.

    Q&As with leading journalists:

    “Emotional burnout and covering traumatic events are ubiquitous in doing good journalism.” From our Q&A with Rich Glickstein, a trauma therapist.

    “Every environment story should be viewed through a justice and equity lens.” From our Q&A with Antonia Juhasz, an energy and climate author.

    Race is the story, and it intersects and is the undercurrent of everything.” From our Q&A with Kat Stafford, national investigative writer covering race and ethnicity for the Associated Press.

    “We’re all trying to do the same thing, which is to tell stories that stand up to the rigor of journalism that we would apply to any medium.” From our Q&A with Madhulika Sikka, a media executive.

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