Self-care tips for journalists

12 tips to revitalize your self-care routine

This Labor Day weekend get a jump on the fall season by prioritizing your well-being. Here are 12 ways to relieve stress, have fun and rethink self-care.

  1. Stiff? Stretching can help you relax and ease any soreness from sitting too long.
  2. Get moving. We all know the benefits of exercise. This weekend is a perfect time to try a new workout routine or go for a run outside.
  3. Take a walk with purpose. If running or weight lifting isn’t for you, try a mural walk in your neighborhood. You’ll reap the benefits of exercise and enjoy local artwork.
  4. Go for a scavenger hunt to help boost your mood and ease stress while socializing with friends and family.  
  5. Or find a local labyrinth to wander through as a form of meditation and reflection, inspired from ancient times.
  6. Host a virtual gallery night in your home to rediscover art and photographs that are meaningful to you.
  7. Feeling charitable? Learn about volunteering options near you. Volunteering can provide a sense of purpose, introduce new skills and bring communities together.
  8. Take some time to turn off the screens and relax with a puzzle. Solving puzzles is good for your brain and a fun way to pass the time.
  9. Looking for more of an escape? Video games offer many benefits.
  10. Journaling is another way to work through stress.
  11. If you are extra tired this weekend, take a nap. Sleep is one of the best protectors to overall health
  12. And finally, don’t forget the ABCs of self-care: Awareness, balance, and connection


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