Self-care tips for journalists

2020 is the year of figuring it out on the fly

Lauren Walck is senior news editor at the Biloxi Sun Herald

I think I’m like most journalists: bad at self-care. We’ve been talking about it a lot this week, trying to brainstorm solutions, because across newsrooms everyone has hit a wall. I’ve noticed an extra day off or two really isn’t helping much because the first day back it’s like you never left. Work seems inescapable when it’s in your home.

One solution for me is to get outside. I go walk or sit on the beach near sunset when it’s not sweltering. But in order to find solutions that will benefit everyone, we need to feel comfortable enough to talk openly about the problem and experiment with ideas to solve it. 2020 is the year of figuring it out on the fly! 

Click here to read how Walck and the Sun Herald prepared for covering hurricanes during the pandemic.


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