Self-care tips for journalists

Don’t fall behind, prepare for change in coming months

Whatever your new normal has become, one thing is certain: It’s bound to change as fall approaches. 

Working parents will juggle a host of different challenges at home as students return to the classroom (virtually or in-person). As the weather changes, so will outdoor workout routines or time with your furry friends. And with the presidential election nearing, newsroom demands are sure to ramp up.  

Humans are creatures of habit, which is why establishing routines is essential to self-care. Consistently evaluating your routines — and communicating when they need to change —  is an important way to manage stress and anxiety during uncertain times. 

If you anticipate your at-home routines will change come fall, now is a good time to:

Understand that change is inevitable — be patient with yourself, your family and your employer as you experiment with what works best for you and yours.


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