Self-care tips for journalists

Remember the small comforts that make you smile

Step away from the news cycle and take a few minutes to remember the small things that bring you joy throughout the day.

Is it enjoying a cup of coffee or tea as the sun rises?

Is it taking a stroll around the neighborhood with your canine companion?

Is it silent meditation in between Zoom calls?

Is it spending a couple of minutes gazing out the window?

Is it the aroma produced when your first ingredients hit the frying pan?

Is it curling up with a good book in your favorite armchair?

Is it removing clean laundry from the dryer? 

Is it lighting your favorite candle?

Is it texting or calling a loved one you haven’t seen in a while?

Is it closing your computer after a long day?

Remembering the little things is a great way to cope. Take care of yourselves today by reflecting on what makes you feel good, however tiny those moments may be.


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