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‘We are not doctors’: 16 top leaders share tips for supporting their newsrooms

Advice from Jill Geisler, Bill Plante Chair in Leadership & Media Integrity, Loyola University Chicago and Freedom Forum Fellow in Women’s Leadership

There’s a real hunger for tips, solutions and tribal connections among journalists right now. Why else would hundreds of them, busy as they are, take part in the Power Shift Project’s first “COVID-19: Taking Care of Journalists and Journalism” webinar this week? Sixteen top leaders from all platforms shared practical advice and fielded questions. 

We recorded the webinar, captured all the resources people shared, and produced a summary report . The tips fall under these topic areas:

  • Give People the Support They Need
  • Recognize Signs of Illness, Burnout and Trauma
  • Pick Up the Phone and Connect
  • Newsroom Leaders Need Support, Too
  • Keep Interns in the Loop
  • Be Flexible About Schedules and Time Off
  • Manage Your Work-from-Home Life
  • Remove Obstacles for Your Team

The topics may look general; the angels are in the details of HOW to do these things well. So read the report’s examples, insights and caveats — so you do the right thing, the right way. That’s what management is really about: matching your actions to the moment and to the good people you’re caring for and helping succeed.

Have questions? Ask away.


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