Video replay: How to land a journalism internship in Washington, D.C.

Journalism internships in Washington, D.C., are a chance to expand your skills and to experience life in a professional newsroom. But not all internship experiences are the same. Considering a D.C.-based internship means thinking about relocating, whether the internship is paid, and other things that can feel like barriers to applying — and even make a talented student feel like they don’t belong in D.C.

You do belong here. We’re inviting student journalists of all experience levels to join us for a virtual question-and-answer session featuring a panel of internship coordinators based in Washington. Working in the nation’s capital can be a life-changing experience, and we’ll provide guidance to help student journalists plan their internship applications.

The National Press Club Journalism Institute hosted a panel of recruiters for D.C.-based news internships on Friday, September 23. Participants learned about:

  • What makes an internship applicant stand out
  • What recruiters wish applicants would do differently
  • How to frame your journalistic achievements and best stories
  • What types of work samples catch an editor’s eye
Panelists included:


Download a tip sheet on preparing your internship and early career applications here.

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