How to get people to read what you write–and then do what you want

Think persuasive writing is just for the op-ed pages? If you’ve ever crafted a lede hoping people would read on, sent a story pitch or query aimed at sparking interest in your idea or manuscript, or fired off an email seeking a reply, you’ve engaged in persuasive writing (or at least tried). 

On Friday, November 1, Trish Hall, the author of “Writing to Persuade” and former op-ed editor of The New York Times, will share her tips on how to break through and get the response you want — or at least get your point across without blowing your chances. Learn how to understand your audience, how to identify what tools to use to reach them, and how to persuade tough targets by using techniques such as speaking from the value systems of those with whom you disagree.

This event is part of Pro Tips: Writing Workshop 2019. Tickets for the half-day workshop will go on sale Monday, September 16. 

About Trish Hall

Trish Hall was a journalist for many years, working as a reporter and an editor at both The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Over several decades at the Times, she oversaw six features sections and for nearly five years, was the op-ed editor. She is the author of “Writing to Persuade,” published in June 2019 by Norton, and lives in New York City. 


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