2019 Book Fair and Authors’ Night

One hundred authors shared their latest books during the 42nd annual Book Fair and Authors’ Night, a fundraiser for the National Press Club Journalism Institute, on Friday, Nov. 1.

Hundreds of book buyers shopped their way through titles that included national politics and history, food and beverage, memoir, biography, fiction, culture, children’s and young adult stories during the fair, held at the National Press Club.

Guests say they enjoyed the fair, which gave them a chance to connect with their favorite authors while discovering new ones. “It felt great to be at an event in which there was such excitement about books,” said one patron. “And from so many people, too.”

The one-on-one connection with guests and fellow authors topped the experience for authors, they reported. “I loved meeting and chatting with people who stopped by, answering their questions, and sharing tidbits about research or special facts for the books,” said one author.

The National Press Club Journalism Institute partnered with landmark local bookseller Politics & Prose to coordinate the 2019 event.

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