Self-care tips for journalists

Dance your stress away

Two left feet? Sure, you could release some stress at the end of the day watching the latest season of “Dancing With The Stars.” But why not take center stage in your own living room? 

Studies show that dancing lowers stress and can boost happiness. Mentally focusing on dance moves and the physical activity itself are powerful tools to shake out stress. 

Whether you groove to your own beats, jump on the latest TikTok dance challenge, or move to your favorite movie soundtrack (hello, Mamma Mia dance routines), you’ll stimulate stress-fighting activities in the mind and body. 

Whatever your dance skills, here’s how you can work in some movement: 

  • Try learning a classic or modern dance move using YouTube videos. 
  • Take an organized class, virtually. Many studios and dance experts have moved their courses online and offer free trials. 
  • Learn a routine to your kiddo’s favorite tunes, or help them with their routines. With online learning, turn P.E. or recess time into a dance fest. 
  • Pick a song that gets you moving, and set an alarm to listen to it at some point during the day — out of your chair.
  • If your colleagues and manager are game, set up a short group dance Zoom room once a week, and rotate who picks the song. (Yes, the giggles are also part of self-care.)


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