Self-care tips for journalists

Some vitamins and minerals reduce stress. Should you try them?

Stress takes physical forms in our lives daily: restless sleep, stress-related hair loss, headaches, digestive issues and more. 

While there’s no magic pill to stop stress in its tracks, adjusting your vitamin and supplement regimen (or starting one) may help address anxiety from the inside out through nutrition. 

Keep in mind: 

  • Vitamins aren’t regulated by the FDA, and you should check with your healthcare provider before adding supplements (especially if you are taking other medication). 
  • Taking a multivitamin can help close some nutritional gaps in your diet, which should be your primary source for nutrition
  • Understand and follow dosages. Too much of what seems like a good thing can lead to stomach issues or worse.
  • How quickly  and usefully vitamins are absorbed into the bloodstream is based on a number of factors: type and age of the supplement, interaction with other supplements, and time of day. Do your homework before you purchase. 


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3 years ago

So interesting. Some Mom friends and I were talking how Covid-19 stress hair shedding is almost as bad as the postpartum period when we were all worried about thyroid issues etc. I actually started taking the Baby Blues hair loss vitamin I took after my babies ( to help. I think looking at nutrition can be very important and helpful right now. The one I take has biotin, collagen, b12, zinc, folate, vitamin a,c, d etc. We are all overwhelmed and dealing with home school, work from home, COVID-19 stress, not being able to go out much etc. Hope it gets better. thanks for… Read more »