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Bingo! Make your walk a double win

A change of scenery can spark creativity (and boost your energy), and you know that spending time outdoors is good for your health. If your neighborhood stroll has become a chore, adding a bingo game could help add some allure. 

Points for pups: The Washington Post’s interactive dog-themed game features squares for fur-friends donning bandannas or running in a dog park. 

At one with nature: Do a quick search for “nature bingo”, and you’ll find a host of ready-to-use bingo cards that give you reasons to stop and smell the roses along your normal route. 

Life in motion: If your outdoor walks are more urban than oasis, this bingo card has you covered. With “moody teenager on cellphone” and “first-time joggers,” this game board will have you chuckling – and scoring points. 


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